Monthly Archives: July 2014

Another Three Objects

I’ve added another three objects to the public domain objects collection.

BT K6 Phone Box
Modern Pattern Bench
GWR Bench

This time, it’s lineside furniture; A red K6 phone box suitable for placing anywhere in Britain, a generic modern bench and a GWR pattern platform bench.

Another Heritage Release

I’m pleased to announce the re-release of a second heritage BVE route, freshly repaired for OpenBVE.
This time, it’s Barrow- Carlisle, originally released for BVE2/4 in 2005 by Derek Kaye.

Whilst it may have a little less scenery than some, it’s still a good drive and an important piece of BVE history.

The page for this route may be found here:

Platform Nameboard Generator v1.0

So, another of the ‘withdrawn’ utilities was a Platform Nameboard generator.
Whilst I never personally used this particular addon, I’ve been busy creating a clone of this highly useful addon to make developer’s lives easier.

Version 1 is supplied with a complete set of BR Totems, and a generic white double-arrow nameboard.

Custom textures with a resolution of 512 x 128 pixels are supported via the ‘Choose Your Own Texture’ button.
The transparent color is set at pure blue (0,0,255)
Edit: Version updated to v1.03
* Crash on XP/ Vista….

Edit: Version updated to v1.02
* More nameboards- GWR/ SR wooden, SR ‘Targets’ and LU Modern style.
* Selectable leg type.
* Cosmetic tweaks.

Edit: Version updated to v1.01
* Transparency is used in the preview. Small and cosmetic, but still!
* Font color picker dialog. (Should have been there in the first place, the BR White sign doesn’t work without it)
* Selectable single/ double side signs, with custom rear textures supported via textures.ini

Source Code:
The license for this is the BSD license.

Adding Custom Textures to the Default List:
The default list of textures & descriptions is stored in textures.ini
Please see this file for details on how to add a custom texture to the default list.

TrackGen v1.50 Alpha 6

I’ve been working on various bits recently, as those watching the BVE Worldwide forums will know, and as such, TrackGen got put slightly on the back burner.
An email from Graham Mace (graymac) prompted me to make fix a couple more bugs and make some minor improvements.


  1. Platforms are now moved if a different gauge is selected.
  2. Texture picking implemented for the railtop texture. (Rusty/ oily track in sidings etc.)
  3. The railtop texture is now written out correctly for the left rail under all circumstances.

The source code has also been posted on GitHub: