Monthly Archives: December 2015

The Plymouth Route V1.6.0.0

Due to fiddling with the main OpenBVE source, and a lot of other bits and bobs, unfortunately this release is several months late 😛
Changes are as follows:

  • Various bugfixes around Laira Junction/ Depot. (Height of flyover, incorrect objects and stuff)
  • Trackwork rebuilt between St. Germans and Menheniot. This has added approximately another 4km to the route length, giving a total length to Liskeard of 32km.
  • Variety of passing trains improved, and a Class 35 ‘Hymek’ added to these objects.
  • Variety of road traffic increased.
  • All objects from a ‘certain’ source replaced with improved open-source alternatives.

The licence conditions for this release have also changed a little-
You’re welcome to take anything I’ve built under whatever license you desire. I personally prefer the BSD 2-Clause license, but I have no desire to add strings to my work.
Please note that this release also contains stuff built by others, and I’d ask that you respect their wishes.

There is a much longer version of the above at the foot of my readme, and which has also been on my here for months 🙂