Barrow- Carlisle

Welcome to the page for the (!)third(!) route hosted at BVE Cornwall- Barrow to Carlisle by Derek Kaye.
I’m pleased to say that Derek has given me permission to repair this second heritage route for OpenBVE, and rehost it to join the Plymouth Route & Richard Scott’s the Somerset & Dorset.

Barrow Station
Askham Station
Drigg Station

The Route:
This route follows the coast of Cumbria in North West England. Northern Rail operate a passenger service. DRS and EWS run freight trains from Sellafield, Drigg and Workington.
Your journey starts at Barrow-in-Furness. After passing through the yard you enter a single line section, joining the main line at Park South. You head towards Askam, followed by Kirkby-in-Furness, Foxfield, Green Road and Millom. You go over the AHB crossing at Haverigg and over two level crossings at Kirksanton before coming to Silecroft. Signalling sections from Millom to Silecroft are short, so distant and home signals are on the same post. After Silecroft, you go over an unmanned crossing at Gutterby before stopping at Bootle, after which you pass through the disused Eskmeals station before crossing another viaduct. Ravenglass is the start of the narrow-gauge Ravenglass & Eskdale Railway and this is a busy stop in the summer. A viaduct crosses the River Mite and you come to Drigg and, shortly after, the BNFL depot operated by DRS. Seascale is next, before your final stop at Sellafield, which is also a major DRS depot.

This route uses a different type of stop marker. There are no stop boards at the platform ends. Instead, you must look at the white line on the edge of the platform and aim to stop where the line stops (In the BVE4 version, anywhere where all the train is on the platform will suffice). There are also several request stops. You should stop at all request stops unless you receive two beats on the signal as you approach the station. If you receive this signal, you should sound your horn to attract the attention of any intending passengers. If there are people on the station (You may need to look quite hard) you should give one beat on the signal and then stop as normal. If the platform is empty, you should give two beats and start accelerating again.
Speed limits on this route range from 20mph to 60mph. Traction on the route is: Class 156, Class 153, and freight is DRS Class 20, Class 33 and Class 37 and EWS Class 37, Class 47 and Class 66.

Further Notes:
This is a much older route, originally released in 2005 for BVE2/4. As such, there is less scenery outside of the stations than you will find on a more modern route.

Original Credits: I would like to thank everyone who has helped me on this project, even if it was just answering a simple query on a forum. I have used files created by other people and, where possible, owners have been contacted.
Anthony Bowden –
Steve Green – [Site closed]
Mark Milmine
Robert Glass • Simon Townsend • Phill Brooks
Oskari Saarekas & Vilma Ahtiainen
Shane Roberts
John Hinson –
John Owen • Northern Rail
Simon Gathercole • Andy Mitchell
Zane Saxton • Damon Cox


The Future:
At the moment, I’ve got no plans to do any further work on this route- To bring it to ‘modern’ standards would require a lot of work that I simply haven’t got the time for with my other projects.

2 thoughts on “Barrow- Carlisle

  1. Kevin

    Hello I was just wondering if there was any plans to finish or update this lovely route as I live on the cumbria coast line at whitehaven. Can’t belive this route ends so close to my home town 🙁

    1. leezer3 Post author

      Hi Kevin,
      Sadly, this route isn’t one of mine- I’m mostly just providing the hosting 🙂

      With that said and done, I’m afraid that it’s not likely to change soon. I’d love to do some work on more of the stuff on this site, but as I’m now maintaining the main program, I’ve got a lot on my plate, and not enough time!



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