Heritage Releases

I’m pleased to announce the re-upload of three new heritage routes, but with a twist!

This time, they’re German, courtesy of Martin Finken. The three routes are as follows:

I’m aiming to have a few more routes in a similar vein uploaded over the next month or so.

The Plymouth Route V1.7.0.0

As usual, rather later than planned, I’ve released V1.7.0.0 of the Plymouth Route.
Changes are as follows:

  • Trackwork rebuilt between Menheniot and Liskeard.
  • GWR 16xx Class Pannier Tank added to the passing train objects.
  • BR Class 50 added to the passing train objects.
  • Minor improvements to the three tunnels on the route [Entrance object, wall profile]
  • Large numbers of assorted objects rebuilt from scratch, with the majority of items in the route now being public domain.
  • A considerable amount of work has been done on Plymouth station, in order to bring it closer to the standards of the rest of the route.

Please note that this route is now supplied as an openBVE packaged ZIP.

BR Class 52: Western

The BR Class 52: Western is the third high-quality 3D train I’ve built.

This time, it’s one of the diesels, which replaced steam in the mid to late 1960s.

This loco requires a build of openBVE dated 03.06.2016 or later from

Features include:

  • Realistic twin-engine traction modelling
  • Working turbocharger
  • A complete (Well, at least relatively…..) prototypical startup sequence
  • Working cab fault lights

More details and download are on this page.

Building a Better openBVE

As readers of the various forums will probably know by now, over the last 9 months or so, I’ve been doing a lot of work to improve the main openBVE source.

In a lot of places, this hadn’t been touched for the better part of 7 years (Since Michelle left….), and there are multiple things that we simply couldn’t do.

I’m now the maintainer of the following site:

All future releases from BVE Cornwall will be designed to take advantage of the new features provided by these builds, which include:

  • Properly moving bogies, with no physics based hacks.
  • An easy graphical installer for route and train packages.
  • Improved animation functions.
  • Improved train plugin functions.

All the routes and trains hosted here will be re-done into packaged format (Eventually!)

If you’ve got ideas on how to take this simulator forwards, or would like to help code, please get in touch- We’d love to hear from you!

The Clarendon Route

I’m pleased to announce the re-release of a third heritage BVE route 🙂

This time, it’s ‘Clarendon’ by Dennis Lance.

Like the other two heritage routes hosted here, I’ve done a small amount of work- The signalling has been swapped for BRSigs_Open, and the transparency errors have been repaired, but otherwise the route is essentially untouched from that released ten years ago!

The Plymouth Route V1.6.0.0

Due to fiddling with the main OpenBVE source, and a lot of other bits and bobs, unfortunately this release is several months late 😛
Changes are as follows:

  • Various bugfixes around Laira Junction/ Depot. (Height of flyover, incorrect objects and stuff)
  • Trackwork rebuilt between St. Germans and Menheniot. This has added approximately another 4km to the route length, giving a total length to Liskeard of 32km.
  • Variety of passing trains improved, and a Class 35 ‘Hymek’ added to these objects.
  • Variety of road traffic increased.
  • All objects from a ‘certain’ source replaced with improved open-source alternatives.

The licence conditions for this release have also changed a little-
You’re welcome to take anything I’ve built under whatever license you desire. I personally prefer the BSD 2-Clause license, but I have no desire to add strings to my work.
Please note that this release also contains stuff built by others, and I’d ask that you respect their wishes.

There is a much longer version of the above at the foot of my readme, and which has also been on my here for months 🙂

The Plymouth Route- V1.5.0.0

So, let’s get back to building routes-
I’m pleased to announce that the Plymouth Route has been updated again, this time to V1.5.0.0
This release is another step forwards in the current program of incremental improvements, refurbishing 3.5km of track between Shillingstone Tunnel and St. Germans.

  • 3.5km of track rebuilt, length extended by ~1km
  • St. Germans station now has a goods yard in the 1960s era routefiles