BR Class 104 DMU

Previously hosted at BVETMD, these DMUs have been re-hosted here with the kind permission of Martin Corbett.
The original OS_ATS plugin (used to control gear changes etc.) has been replaced with BVEC_ATS to enable multi-platform compatibility, and they have been packaged into a single openBVE package, but are otherwise untouched.


This train pack is provided in openBVE package format, and contains the following:

  • Class 104 Blue
  • Class 104 Blue, with markerbox
  • Class 104 Green
  • Class 104 Green, with yellow warning panels
  • Class 104 3-Car (Blackpool – Manchester set)
  • Class 104 4-Car Green

Version 1.0.0:


BR Class 104 Power Twin Set
This train uses the gear change facility of the BVEC_ATS plugin and can be driven with manual or automatic gear change.
Press ‘2’ to switch between manual and automatic gear change.
Gear up = Page Up key
Gear Down = Page Down key
See in game side menu for full list of controls and features.

Hold brake at 15″ of vacuum when at a stand.
From the start position, when given the ‘right-away’, move the gear handle from neutral to no.1 gear (page up key).
Release brake.
Open throttle.

The engine note will fade as the tacho needle reaches the ‘change up’ mark.Shut off the power.
Select next gear then apply power.

When coasting or braking: Release throttle, wait for revs to drop and move gear handle to 4. Move gear to neutral as you come to a stand.
It may be necessary to ‘change down’ the gears when climbing steep hills.

Approximate gear change speeds: 1st 15-20mph, 2nd gear 20-27mph, 3rd gear 27-40mph, 4th gear over 40mph


When using automatic gears, behaviour may be somewhat spurious and the sounds will not necessarily coincide with the relevant gear changes.

It is not possible to rev the engine in neutral as per prototype. There is no ‘freewheel’ configured on the tachometer.

Sounds are driven by road speed and not the throttle notches. Hence sounds may occasionally loop between gear changes dependant on road conditions etc.
The quicker each gearchange is made the less chance the sounds will loop. This is not prototypical but gives the best effect with the sound setup.
Decreasing throttle position has no effect on engine revs.