BR Class 31

Previously hosted at BVETMD, this loco has been re-uploaded here with the kind permission of Martin Corbett.


This train is provided in openBVE package format. (Note: No exterior view)


Class 31 BVE 4 Version 1 with 5 MK2 coaches in tow. Loco is providing ETS.

Original cab photos provided by Jordan (Jordy) Allen (
Original .cfg files by Steve Green (, modified by Martin Corbett.
All sounds recorded by Martin Corbett. Special thanks to Doug Wentel for ‘blowing his whistle’!
Ukdt.dll, ammeter tweaking, raindrop placement mods and AWS bitmap mods by Simon Gathercole.
Panel bitmap tweaks by Tony Haylor.

Massive thanks to all the TSC crew who gave me the inspiration to build my first BVE train.

Finally a special thankyou to Jordy for posting the original cab pics in the first place, without which, this project would not have started.

Many thanks to the following for feedback on this release.

Simon Gathercole,Steve Green,Tony Haylor,David(Hector673),Jordan Allen,Sam Felce and anyone else who I may have missed.

Individual developers and contributors retain copyright of their own respective work.
Please ask for permission before using any part of this add on in your own projects.


Thanks for downloading the class 31 for BVE4. You install this add-on at your own risk.
I will not be held responsible for any damage to equipment, apertaining to the installation of this add-on.
Nor Will I be held responsible for any complaints from neighbours about excess thrash and noise,
or shouting by impatient train drivers just because the poor old thing is a tad slow. Remember, its a 31, what do you expect !!!