BR Class 52 Western

The British Railways Class 52 ‘Western’ represents one of the finest examples of the initial batches of diesels who took over from their steam forebears.


This locomotive is provided in openBVE package format.

Beta Version 1.0.0:

This one came about, as a result of cab access provided by the DEPG at the West Somerset Railway’s 2015 diesel gala, where D1010 was sadly laid up with engine troubles. That didn’t stop me photographing every square inch of the cab, and a while later I started building……
This model actually carries the name and number of D1015 – Western Champion in BR Maroon livery with full-yellow ends, as that’s where my external images came from.

The guts of this locomotive are once again powered by my plugin BVEC_ATS, and highlight features include:

  • Realistic twin-engine traction modelling
  • Working turbocharger
  • A complete (Well, at least relatively…..) prototypical startup sequence
  • Working cab fault lights

Driver’s Guide:

Due to the sheer complexity of this loco, a complete driver’s guide, complete with images is available here:

BR Class 52 ‘Western’- Driver’s Guide


This locomotive would not have been possible without the support, images, sounds and access provided by many people.

  • The DEPG at Williton for providing cab access during the WSR Diesel Gala 2015.
  • The Diesel Traction Group ( ) for an extremely useful website with technical data, pictures and more.
  • for posting a ‘Western’ drivers manual.

Licensing and Legal:

Except where noted below, I am specifically releasing this locomotive and it’s components under the BSD 2-Clause licence.

Run & Compressor Sounds:
The ‘Run’ and compressor sounds for this locomotive are borrowed from the (similar) Class 47  for openBVE, and are courtesy of Martin Corbett of BVETMD.