BR Class 73 Diesel & Electric

Previously hosted at BVETMD, this loco has been re-uploaded here with the kind permission of Martin Corbett.


This train is provided in openBVE package format and contains two variants, one running on the diesel engine & one running on 750V DC. (Note: No exterior view)

Class 73 OPEN BVE compatible Version 1

Class 73 ED on diesel power, hauling 6 mk2 coaches.

Cab photo, Sounds, .cfg files by Martin Corbett.
Ukdt.dll by Simon Gathercole.

Massive thanks to the TSC crew who got me started into BVE train building.
A very special thankyou to Luke, chris & Paul for facilities to 73101 whilst at Llangollen, April 08.


Thanks to the TSC testing team (you know who you are folks) for doing the honours.

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Please ask for permission before using any part of this add on in your own projects.


Thanks for downloading the class 73 for OPENBVE. You install this add-on at your own risk.
I will not be held responsible for any damage to equipment, apertaining to the installation of this add-on.
Nor Will I be held responsible for any complaints from neighbours about excess thrash and noise.