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Released updates and site news

The Plymouth Route- V1.4.0.0

I’m pleased to announce that the Plymouth Route has now been updated to V1.4.0.0!
This release concentrates on improving the track between Saltash and Shillingstone Tunnel, giving a total of 4km of refurbished track.
Key Changes:

  1. Trackwork rebuilt between Saltash & Shillingham Tunnel.
  2. Approx 1.7km of track added as part of this. [4km total ‘newly rebuilt’]
  3. More liveries for the MK1 coaches.
  4. New/ improved 1960s motive power- New GWR 78xx (Manor) and BR Class 14 models.

The next step is now likely to be the refurbishment […]
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GWR 78xx – 7820 Dinmore Manor

So, this is the second drivable 3D steam locomotive I’ve built for OpenBVE!

This time, it’s a mainline passenger locomotive- 7820, Dinmore Manor.

I’ve supplied her with a mixed rake of Blood & Custard and Chocolate & Cream MK1 carriages, again mostly courtesy of our C&W department.

More details and the download may be found here:

Another Heritage Release

I’m pleased to announce the re-release of a second heritage BVE route, freshly repaired for OpenBVE.
This time, it’s Barrow- Carlisle, originally released for BVE2/4 in 2005 by Derek Kaye.

Whilst it may have a little less scenery than some, it’s still a good drive and an important piece of BVE history.

The page for this route may be found here:

The Plymouth Route V1.3.0.0

I’m pleased to announce that the Plymouth Route has now been updated to V1.3.0.0!
This release concentrates on two major areas-

  1. Much of the stock has been refurbished- Completely new MK1s, and a lot of new freight stock is visible, courtesy  of the NNR freight train!
  2. 1.5km of track has been added at the start of the route, bringing our starting point to just past Tavistock Junction.

The 1.5km of new trackwork gives a short run alongside the river Plym, and past the extremely complex Laira Depot. […]
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TrackGen v1.4

I’m very pleased to announce the release of TrackGen v1.4 (Those following the BVE Worldwide forums will have seen most of this in the v1.3 Alpha series)
This adds the following:

  1. Platform generation added.
  2. Fence generation for platforms added.
  3. Texture selection available for main textures.
  4. TrackGen will now convert input images to your selected format.

The Plymouth Route V1.2.0.0

So, I’m pleased to announce that V1.2.0.0 of the Plymouth Route has now been uploaded. This release contains a complete re-write of the trackwork between Keyham & Saltash, as well as many other significant updates. As part of this refurbishment project, approximately 1.2km of track length has been added between Keyham & Saltash, bringing the total drivable length to 21km.

For practical reasons, track layouts are generally based upon the 1971 rationalised layouts- This allows most of the same work to apply to all eras, with a change from semaphore […]
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TrackGen V1.22

TrackGen v1.22 is now up. Two releases within a day (Sorry!), but I’ve found and fixed several critical bugs with these two releases. Namely-

  1. Curved track & switches are now generated correctly on locales using a comma as a decimal separator.
  2. TrackGen no longer crashes when an invalid path is entered.
  3. Trackgen no longer crashes when write access is not available at the selected path.
  4. Trackgen now remembers your seleced language between runs.

TrackGen V1.2

So, I’m very pleased to announce that Nils Busch has kindly given permission for BVE Cornwall to host a version of TrackGen which has been fixed in order to work correctly on Windows 8.

I’ve additionally made a couple of small improvements, to optionally allow the use of PNG format textures, and to allow for untextured rails for use in highly intensive route situations.

New WordPress Site

If you can see this, then you’re viewing what represents a much newer and shiner WordPress site.

A lot of things have changed with this site redevelopment, but in general everything should look a lot cleaner. Image slideshows have been implemented as opposed to rows upon rows of images, there are new fancy popout menus, and for that matter a blog- I don’t know exactly where this will end up going, but the current plan is to stick some stuff other than OpenBVE up there too.