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Released updates and site news

TrackGen V1.22

TrackGen v1.22 is now up. Two releases within a day (Sorry!), but I’ve found and fixed several critical bugs with these two releases. Namely-

  1. Curved track & switches are now generated correctly on locales using a comma as a decimal separator.
  2. TrackGen no longer crashes when an invalid path is entered.
  3. Trackgen no longer crashes when write access is not available at the selected path.
  4. Trackgen now remembers your seleced language between runs.

TrackGen V1.2

So, I’m very pleased to announce that Nils Busch has kindly given permission for BVE Cornwall to host a version of TrackGen which has been fixed in order to work correctly on Windows 8.

I’ve additionally made a couple of small improvements, to optionally allow the use of PNG format textures, and to allow for untextured rails for use in highly intensive route situations.

New WordPress Site

If you can see this, then you’re viewing what represents a much newer and shiner WordPress site.

A lot of things have changed with this site redevelopment, but in general everything should look a lot cleaner. Image slideshows have been implemented as opposed to rows upon rows of images, there are new fancy popout menus, and for that matter a blog- I don’t know exactly where this will end up going, but the current plan is to stick some stuff other than OpenBVE up there too.