The fourth route hosted at BVE Cornwall is Dennis Lance’s ‘Clarendon’

This is a fictional non-electrified route, originally built for BVE4 in 2006.
I’ve made the required small repairs for this to run on OpenBVE, and replaced the signalling with BRSigs_Open.

Route Overview & Original Notes

Now available, are four scenarios from the Clarendon route for OpenBVE:

1. This is set in 1988 and takes a loaded coal train from to the small coal file power station located at Berkely Point. Initially running on private siding and single line, a four track main line is then traversed for a few miles before branching off to the power station. Note – I have not modeled the discharge loop as I felt that trundling along at 5MPH for ages would seem a bit boring!!

2. The second scenario is set in 1999, the dash for gas resulting in imminent closure of the power station with stocks being run down. This scenario features the then new EWS Class 66 locomotive – significantly more powerful than a class 37 and making easy work of the load and gradients. The route itself remains unchanged except that signalling delays may be encountered.

3. The third scenario is set in 2005 and sees a Class 37 locomotive with coaching stock hauling a special non-stop train to celebrate the reopening of the line to passenger use. All of the stations have been updated and the junctions remodeled with some slight changes to the signalling and speed limits. A clear run is guaranteed – I would not recommend changing the route run interval (or speeding) as although TPWS has been installed, optimisation of this is still required. Regular passenger running using class 158 and class 170 is due to start later ths year.

4. The fourth scenario is also set in 2005 and sees Wessex Trains operating a 1/2 hourly all stations service on the branch. Note – the train is reportedly down on power and late running is to be expected. Stopping points are located towards the end of the shorter platforms and about 10m forward from the rubbish on the track on the man line stations (under the footbridge will do). Full TPWS implementation has been included with speed traps at selected PSRs. Also, remember to run into terminal platforms at 10MPH maximum. Please report any problems with the TPWS implementation; despite extensive testing, undetected faults may remain.

It is expected that Wessex Trains will lose this franchise soon given their poor performance on this branch – rumor has it Central Trains might be taking over using Class 170 Turbostar units. This together with the implementation of request stops at the smaller stations should ensure better time keeping.

This is my first BVE 4 route and is a conversion from a previously existing BVE 2 route. Initially, this was not intended for public release but was produced to gain confidence in BVE coding before continuing with other projects. I was originally my intention to produce all of my own objects although some other developers material has been included. Since finishing this route in BVE 2 format, my coding skills have advanced quite a lot and I am well aware of several deficiencies. Hopefully, these will be corrected when further scenarios are available. Also note that the attached object folder contains both objects required for forthcoming scenarios and some additional unused objects. This scenario requires the class 37 freight.


Thanks to Matt, Jordy (, Tom Cairns & Joe Holmes for testing the route for me.

In no way do I claim copyright of any objects or sounds used in this BVE route unless otherwise stated.
All object and sound files remain the property of the developers who wrote them. I have only made alterations and small changes to sizing and positioning of other authors objects.

Thanks to Steve Green, Anthony Bowden, Robert Glass & Tony Haylor for a lot of the objects. Please note that to find out whose they are, click on the file & at the top it will say whether they are Tony’s, or Steve’s etc.

I am extremely sorry if I have overlooked anyone’s object’s, this will be an honest oversight & I will edit the readme ASAP.

Enjoy the route!