GWR 78xx Class- 7820 Dinmore Manor

So, this is the second drivable 3D steam locomotive I’ve built for OpenBVE!
This time, it (only) took me three months, but I learned a lot of things building the 81xx, and this time I’ve added even more features to boot.

This time, it’s a mainline passenger locomotive- 7820, Dinmore Manor.
This one came about, as Dinmore Manor Locomotive Ltd, were kind enough to bring this fine locomotive to our summer gala at the North Norfolk Railway, and this enabled me to get the pictures needed to bring her to life.

I’ve supplied her with a mixed rake of Blood & Custard and Chocolate & Cream MK1 carriages, again mostly courtesy of our C&W department.

The most important thing to note, is that this locomotive is a little different from many other OpenBVE locomotives, as whilst a basic 2D cab has been supplied, she is designed to be driven with the external camera positioned within the cab.
This is because neither 2D cabs or the panel.animated method of doing things allowed me to implement all of the features which I wanted to do in a manner with which I was happy.
Basically all of the major cab components work correctly in this view, although unfortunately I took the decision to not animate the gauge glass and tender water gauge.

At the guts of this locomotive is an entirely new plugin- BVEC_ATS. This is a multi-platform train systems simulation plugin, which has been written in C#
This has been designed to be 100% compatible with trains using the older OS_ATS plugin, as well as implementing a lot of new features to boot.


[NOTE: Key references are to the default OpenBVE key assignments]


The ‘easy’ option is to set the locomotive into fully automatic mode. This is how it’s
set to start, and this mode manages the injectors, cutoff & blowers for you.

Alternatively, to switch the loco into manual mode, please press key 9.
As this is a steam engine, you need to manage both the boiler pressure and water levels
through careful use of the injectors, cutoff & blowers.

Whilst driving, pressing key 0 brings up the ‘Advanced Driving’ window, which displays
the current and ideal variables for the cutoff and boiler water level, as well as other
statistics necessary to drive the train.

Press PgUP to increase the cutoff, and PgDN to increase the cutoff- This value should
be kept within approximately 10 points of the ideal cutoff.
Press END to toggle the injectors if the boiler’s water level is getting low.

Press 5 to toggle the blowers- Turning these on will double your steam production
and water usage, so whilst this provides a pressure boost, it’ll also eat water!


As this is a passenger train, 5 steps of steam heating are also available. This
impacts on your pressure usage.
Press 3 to increase the steam heating level, and 2 to decrease it.

When stopped at a station or signal, the tender brakes [DRA] should be applied,
using the Space key.
The cylinder cocks should also be opened using key 4. Close these once your train has started moving.

If you are on a route with water tank filling sections defined, whilst in one of these
sections, your tanks may be filled by holding the Home key.


Licencing & Legal Etc.

BVEC_ATS is licenced under the BSD 2-Clause licence, which may be found in the file LICENCE
The current source code for BVEC_ATS may be found at
2D panel images derived from OS_ATS samples, by Oskaari Sarrekas
Thanks to the North Norfolk Railway:
Thanks to Dinmore Manor Locomotive Ltd:

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