Linie 10

The Route:

Linie 10 & Linie 11 are two fictious streetcar lines in German evironment, using many graphic details of high quality, including soft curves and realistic switches.

Linie 10 goes from Lindhofenstaße to the streetcar depot beyond Hostpitalstraße. There are 6 different alternatives for this line with different types of streetcars and different weather.

Linie 11 goes from Lindhofenstraße to Lesum. At that line there are track works with temporary speed restrictions, single track use and workers at the track.

Further Notes:

This excellent heritage tram route was created for BVE2 in 2002 by Martin Finken.
It has large amounts of varied city scenery, and some of the first usages of ‘animation’ in BVE.

All errors in openBVE (should!) have now been repaired. I’ve left the original train selection as-is, but for a fully compatible openBVE alternative with exterior views, I would suggest one of those found on BVEKlub:


This package may be installed automatically by recent versions of openBVE, or alternatively simply extracted into your routes folder.