Northern Heights

Northern Heights is a semi-fictional London Underground run through the North London country side, linking The High Barnet Branch to the Edgware Branch.
Travel from Mill Hill East to Bushey Heath, passing Edgware en route.

This route was built by Richard Helliwell in 2005 for BVE4, and is re-uploaded and repaired here with permission.

Huge thanks to Steve Green, Keith Hazelton, Stephen Cross and Paul Jobber for supplying most of the objects. Withput their great work, the route would not have been possible.

Further Notes:
This is a much older route, originally released in 2005 for BVE2/4. As such, there is less scenery outside of the stations than you will find on a more modern route.
I’ve done some minor work to the route, to remove the original’s dependency on the currently unavailable Northern Line