Objects, Objects, Objects Everywhere

Readers of the BVE Worldwide forum will already have noticed that there’s been a couple of new objects added to the Objects Page.

Western National Leyland National Bus
Plymouth CityBus Plaxton Pointer Bus

This pair of buses has been released into the public domain as at least partial replacements for some objects withdrawn from the community recently. Feel free to use and for that matter abuse them, and whilst credit would be nice, I promise I don’t bite!

As an approximate timescale, this pair of objects took around several hours each to build in full 3-D. Custom normals have been added to both objects where appropriate, as well as the base mesh.

To build an object like this, first you need to get your hands on photos, and very preferably measurements. Whilst it’s possible to use a ‘spotters’ photograph as a texture with judicious editing, you’ll normally find it easier to find an example of the vehicle you wish to model in the flesh, and take *lots* of pictures.These two now join the other objects available from BVE Cornwall, and I hope you find them of some use!

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