Platform Nameboard Generator v1.0

So, another of the ‘withdrawn’ utilities was a Platform Nameboard generator.
Whilst I never personally used this particular addon, I’ve been busy creating a clone of this highly useful addon to make developer’s lives easier.

Version 1 is supplied with a complete set of BR Totems, and a generic white double-arrow nameboard.

Custom textures with a resolution of 512 x 128 pixels are supported via the ‘Choose Your Own Texture’ button.
The transparent color is set at pure blue (0,0,255)
Edit: Version updated to v1.03
* Crash on XP/ Vista….

Edit: Version updated to v1.02
* More nameboards- GWR/ SR wooden, SR ‘Targets’ and LU Modern style.
* Selectable leg type.
* Cosmetic tweaks.

Edit: Version updated to v1.01
* Transparency is used in the preview. Small and cosmetic, but still!
* Font color picker dialog. (Should have been there in the first place, the BR White sign doesn’t work without it)
* Selectable single/ double side signs, with custom rear textures supported via textures.ini

Source Code:
The license for this is the BSD license.

Adding Custom Textures to the Default List:
The default list of textures & descriptions is stored in textures.ini
Please see this file for details on how to add a custom texture to the default list.

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