The Plymouth Route
BVE Cornwall currently has one route project under active development- The Plymouth Route.
Construction on this project started twelve years (And several domain names!) ago, and has continued ever since.

Currently, the route runs for just over 20km, from Plymouth to Liskeard.

The Somerset & Dorset
BVE Cornwall is also now the ‘official’ host for Richard Scott’s ‘The Somerset and Dorset’ route. This runs for approx 17km from Shillingstone to Templecombe Lower.

The initial release for this route was in 2001 for BVE2, but I’ve repaired all the errors for OpenBVE Compatibility, and it still looks great!

Barrow- Carlisle
BVE Cornwall also hosts Derek Kaye’s Barrow- Carlisle route. This was originally designed in 2005 for BVE2/ 4, and whilst it has a little less scenery than some, it’s still a good drive!
All the errors have been repaired for OpenBVE, but that’s the limit of the work I’ve done.