The Mühlkreisbahn

The Route:
The Mühlkreisbahn was created in 2001 by Hans Schobesberger from Austria and published in several sections. The last stage was published in May 2001. Unfortunately, it has not been further developed since then. The richness of details of the route development set standards for other track construction projects and can still be seen today.

The current form of the Mühlkreisbahn was created in the second half of 2002.
It was built with switch curves and points installed, and installed the signaling on the track and in the stations.
Also, several route files were created to make a varied operation.

My thanks go to Hans Schobesberger, who allowed me to redesign this route as it is now available in the download.

Further Notes:
All errors in openBVE (should!) have now been repaired.
Please note that this route uses some hidden signalling tricks combined with PreTrain commands, which may produce slightly unexpected results if you are running early.


This package may be installed automatically by recent versions of openBVE, or alternatively simply extracted into your routes folder.