The Plymouth Route V1.2.0.0

So, I’m pleased to announce that V1.2.0.0 of the Plymouth Route has now been uploaded. This release contains a complete re-write of the trackwork between Keyham & Saltash, as well as many other significant updates. As part of this refurbishment project, approximately 1.2km of track length has been added between Keyham & Saltash, bringing the total drivable length to 21km.

For practical reasons, track layouts are generally based upon the 1971 rationalised layouts- This allows most of the same work to apply to all eras, with a change from semaphore to color-light signalling, and the addition/ demolition of certain buildings. Whilst some buildings are (still) missing, this release should represent a quantum leap forwards in quality between Keyham & the Royal Albert Bridge.



  • Trackwork and scenery redone from Keyham to the Royal Albert Bridge.
  • Approximately 1km of track length added as part of this.
  • Correct gradients to the Royal Albert Bridge.
  • Semaphore signalling improvements, including goods loop arms.
  • Minor improvements to the Royal Albert Bridge model. (A replacement is planned)
  • Improvements to the accuracy of the 1960s era routefile around Plymouth Station- 2 missing signalboxes and more bits and bobs.
  • Numerous fixes to the Plymouth Bay platform for 3D viewing.
  • Improvements to various objects.
  • All BMPs replaced with PNGs, along with some texture improvements as a result of this.

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