The Plymouth Route- V1.4.0.0

I’m pleased to announce that the Plymouth Route has now been updated to V1.4.0.0!
This release concentrates on improving the track between Saltash and Shillingstone Tunnel, giving a total of 4km of refurbished track.
Key Changes:

  1. Trackwork rebuilt between Saltash & Shillingham Tunnel.
  2. Approx 1.7km of track added as part of this. [4km total ‘newly rebuilt’]
  3. More liveries for the MK1 coaches.
  4. New/ improved 1960s motive power- New GWR 78xx (Manor) and BR Class 14 models.

The next step is now likely to be the refurbishment of the next 3.5km of track, bringing us to St. Germans station. I don’t know how long this will take, but hopefully things may keep on moving at this year’s pace!

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