The Plymouth Route

Welcome to the homepage of BVE Cornwall’s premier route project- The Plymouth Route.
This runs for just over 32km, starting in Plymouth, and continuing on to Liskeard.

The current version of this route is V1.7.0.0, and the current key features include:

  • Two different route eras- 1960’s BR Steam, and 1980’s BR Blue.
  • Fully working lower quadrant semaphore signalling as appropriate.
  • Designed to work with OpenBVE, with various animations.
  • High-quality, full 3D scenery upto Liskeard.
Plymouth Station
A much improved Plymouth Station, with new platforms, rolling stock work and more.
Defiance Platform
Just outside of Saltash, the line passes through Defiance Platform, now long closed....
Class 37 & Containers
Passing a Class 37, hauling a load of container wagons.
St. Budeaux
On the approach to St. Budeaux Station, a small branch joins from RNAS Bullpoint.
Keyham Station
Keyham Station has had a complete makeover.....

Download and Installation:

The Plymouth Route is supplied as a packaged zip file, intended for installation with version 1.5.0 or above of openBVE.

You will also require the British Railways Signalling Libraries from here:

The previous version is V1.6.0.0:

Release History:
16th September 2016:
V1.7.0.0 released. This rebuilds the track between Menheniot and Liskeard

26th December 2015:
V1.6.0.0 released. This rebuilds the track between St. Germans and Menheniot (A total of 8km, of which 4km is entirely ‘new’ length)

05th April 2015:
V1.5.0.0 released. This rebuilds the track between Shillingstone Tunnel & St. Germans (A ‘new’ total of 4km), as well as various other fixes.

22nd November 2014:
V1.4.0.0 released. This rebuilds the track between Saltash and Shillingstone Tunnel (A ‘new’ total of 4km), as well as various other fixes.

13th April 2014:
V1.3.0.0 released. This contains 1.5km of new trackwork at the start of the route, and various new and refurbished models.

17th February 2014:
V1.2.0.0 released. This contains a further 1.2km of new & refurbished track taking us to Saltash.

25th July 2013:
V1.1.7.1 released. This contains a further 1.7km of 3D scenery upto Keyham.

03rd April 2013:
V1.1.6.1 released. A small revisionary update to include BRSigs & BRSigs_Open in the download package.

03rd February 2013:
V1.1.6.0 released! Again, this has taken far too long, but this once again represents a major step forwards. (Just look at the 10mb increase in download size if nothing else!)

01st March 2011:
V1.1.5.0 released! This has taken too long, but represents a major new update with 2km of trackwork and other bits and bobs.

Full release notes are available here: