BR Class 108 DMU

Previously hosted at BVETMD, these DMUs have been re-hosted here with the kind permission of Martin Corbett.
The original OS_ATS plugin (used to control gear changes etc.) has been replaced with BVEC_ATS to enable multi-platform compatibility, and they have been packaged into a single openBVE package, but are otherwise untouched.


This train pack is provided in openBVE package format, and contains the following:

  • Class 108 Green
  • Class 108 4-Car (no exterior)

Version 1.0.0:


README for BVETMD/TSC 1st generation DMUS ( class 108 )

This train is built around and based on an original idea and configuration by Trainsimcentral’s Steve Green.
It is thanks to Steve that this add-on has been produced and he has allowed me to progress what was originally his ‘test project’ into something that
could be used further and eventually put into the public domain.


Original config and setup by Steve Green (

OS_Ats1 plugin by Oskari Saarekas.

Massive thanks to Evan Green-Hughes ( Llangollen Railcars ) for his help and assistance with this project.

Tested by the TSC Team.


When using automatic gears, behaviour may be somewhat spurious and the sounds will not necessarily coincide with the relevant gear changes.

It is not possible to rev the engine in neutral as per prototype.

Sounds are driven by road speed and not the throttle notches. Hence sounds may occasionally loop between gear changes dependant on road conditions etc.
The quicker each gearchange is made the less chance the sounds will loop. This is not prototypical but gives the best effect with the sound setup.
Decreasing throttle position has no effect on engine revs.

You are free to use files contained within this add-on for other BVE related projects if you wish, though feel free to give BVETMD/TSC a plug in your project readme !!!
However, re-use of the sounds contained within this package for any commercial product or gain ( eg. DCC model sound chips ) is strictly prohibited.



Thanks for downloading the class 108 for OPENBVE. You install this add-on at your own risk.
I will not be held responsible for any damage to equipment, apertaining to the installation of this add-on.


DMU Exterior Information:
Images for this unit kindly provided by Alan Hudnott (mobile1) –
Exterior constructed by Graham Mace (graymac) –