LNER Flying Scotsman

The LNER Flying Scotsman is one of two much older trains hosted at BVE Cornwall-
In 2006, BVE 4 was relatively new, and this introduced the concept of ‘plugins’- These allowed for realistic modelling of traction and safety systems.
Shortly thereafter, Oskaari Sarrekas released a plugin called OS_ATS, which allowed for simulation of a steam locomotive.

Flying Scotsman Cab

The Flying Scotsman was one of my first attempts at creating a train using this plugin, and as such was heavily influenced by the MSTS Flying Scotsman cab. Whilst the cab and all the controls are fully animated, it’s not without issues, and your field of view is somewhat restricted (Oddly enough, just like the real thing!).
This train should work on OpenBVE with no issues, however it does not possess an external view.