Platform Nameboard Generator

The platform nameboard generator's main screen

The platform nameboard generator’s main screen


  • A range of included default nameboards, at present:
    1. BR Totems (All reigons)
    2. SR/ BR(S) ‘Target’ type nameboards
    3. GWR/ SR Wooden nameboards
    4. LU modern nameboard
    5. Your own texture!
  • Selectable font and color.
  • Selectable leg type and length.
  • Licensed under the BSD 2-Clause open-source license.


3 thoughts on “Platform Nameboard Generator

  1. Dave

    Fails to load any of the textures – select one of the textures manually – then I get out of memory error each time I add a letter to the station name.
    Re-run the program and the whole thing fails to add into the box the texture/font/station name.
    Vista SP2 3GB RAM

    1. leezer3 Post author

      I can’t reproduce this error on any of my systems (Windows 7 x32, Windows 7 x64 & Windows 8 x64)

      Please check your email, as I’d like to get to the bottom of this 🙂


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