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The Plymouth Route V1.6.0.0

Due to fiddling with the main OpenBVE source, and a lot of other bits and bobs, unfortunately this release is several months late 😛
Changes are as follows:

  • Various bugfixes around Laira Junction/ Depot. (Height of flyover, incorrect objects and stuff)
  • Trackwork rebuilt between St. Germans and Menheniot. This has added approximately another 4km to the route length, giving a total length to Liskeard of 32km.
  • Variety of passing trains improved, and a Class 35 ‘Hymek’ added to these objects.
  • Variety of road traffic increased.
  • All objects from a ‘certain’ source replaced with improved open-source alternatives.

The licence conditions for this release have also changed a little-
You’re welcome to take anything I’ve built under whatever license you desire. I personally prefer the BSD 2-Clause license, but I have no desire to add strings to my work.
Please note that this release also contains stuff built by others, and I’d ask that you respect their wishes.

There is a much longer version of the above at the foot of my readme, and which has also been on my here for months 🙂

The Plymouth Route- V1.5.0.0

So, let’s get back to building routes-
I’m pleased to announce that the Plymouth Route has been updated again, this time to V1.5.0.0
This release is another step forwards in the current program of incremental improvements, refurbishing 3.5km of track between Shillingstone Tunnel and St. Germans.

  • 3.5km of track rebuilt, length extended by ~1km
  • St. Germans station now has a goods yard in the 1960s era routefiles

TrackGen v1.6.1

This is the first release in the 1.6 series of TrackGen.

This release is primarily focused upon adding a new function- Curved viaduct generation.
Whilst I built my last curved viaduct by hand, the Cornish Mainline has plenty of curved viaducts! Thus, I decided I needed a tool to do it for me, and tweaked TrackGen to suit.

The interface has also been changed to a much cleaner set of tabs, and a preview (Unfortunately not live) has been added to the top, as well as tweaks to the generated curves.

A Public Statement on Recent Events

Whilst I am saddened and disappointed to be writing this public statement, I feel that it is important for another side of the story to be heard.
Please remember that this is my perspective on recent events, and that the legal interpretations are mine alone, and based upon United Kingdom law. If you are in any doubt as to your position, please consult with a lawyer familiar with intellectual property laws in your juridistiction.

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Cylinder Generator v1.01

A small update has been posted to the Cylinder Generator.
(The whole download is 12kb, so I mean small!)

This tweaks the face generation to fix several cases where the face declaration was incorrectly reversed, and tidies up a couple of lines in the source code; Please mail me if you find any other bugs and they’ll be fixed.

The Plymouth Route- V1.4.0.0

I’m pleased to announce that the Plymouth Route has now been updated to V1.4.0.0!
This release concentrates on improving the track between Saltash and Shillingstone Tunnel, giving a total of 4km of refurbished track.
Key Changes:

  1. Trackwork rebuilt between Saltash & Shillingham Tunnel.
  2. Approx 1.7km of track added as part of this. [4km total ‘newly rebuilt’]
  3. More liveries for the MK1 coaches.
  4. New/ improved 1960s motive power- New GWR 78xx (Manor) and BR Class 14 models.

The next step is now likely to be the refurbishment of the next 3.5km of track, bringing us to St. Germans station. I don’t know how long this will take, but hopefully things may keep on moving at this year’s pace!

GWR 78xx – 7820 Dinmore Manor

So, this is the second drivable 3D steam locomotive I’ve built for OpenBVE!

This time, it’s a mainline passenger locomotive- 7820, Dinmore Manor.

I’ve supplied her with a mixed rake of Blood & Custard and Chocolate & Cream MK1 carriages, again mostly courtesy of our C&W department.

More details and the download may be found here: