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TrackGen v1.6.1

This is the first release in the 1.6 series of TrackGen.

This release is primarily focused upon adding a new function- Curved viaduct generation.
Whilst I built my last curved viaduct by hand, the Cornish Mainline has plenty of curved viaducts! Thus, I decided I needed a tool to do it for me, and tweaked TrackGen to suit.

The interface has also been changed to a much cleaner set of tabs, and a preview (Unfortunately not live) has been added to the top, as well as tweaks to the […]
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TrackGen v1.50 Alpha 6

I’ve been working on various bits recently, as those watching the BVE Worldwide forums will know, and as such, TrackGen got put slightly on the back burner.
An email from Graham Mace (graymac) prompted me to make fix a couple more bugs and make some minor improvements.


  1. Platforms are now moved if a different gauge is selected.
  2. Texture picking implemented for the railtop texture. (Rusty/ oily track in sidings etc.)
  3. The railtop texture is now written out correctly for the left rail under all circumstances.

The […]
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TrackGen v1.50 Alpha 2

Several people have asked me for variable gauges in TrackGen, and so here it is!


  1. Variable gauge option added. This works down to ~50cm in narrow gauge, and pretty much infinitely in broad gauge.
  2. The way the frog infill works has been re-written. This means that using larger deviations between your tracks will now look much better!
  3. Texture picking for platform fences fixed.

Notes & Current Limitations:

  • The grass side isn’t built onto the two sides inside the frog- The code for this is next on the […]
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  • TrackGen v1.4

    I’m very pleased to announce the release of TrackGen v1.4 (Those following the BVE Worldwide forums will have seen most of this in the v1.3 Alpha series)
    This adds the following:

    1. Platform generation added.
    2. Fence generation for platforms added.
    3. Texture selection available for main textures.
    4. TrackGen will now convert input images to your selected format.

    TrackGen: Current Alpha Development

    So, readers of the BVE Worldwide & BVE Terminus forums will have seen this all before, but I’ve decided it’s good to post it on the blog too 🙂

    Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been doing a considerable amount of work on TrackGen, to implement Platform generation as a replacement for a utility that has recently been withdrawn from the community.

    I’m pleased to announce that as of v1.3 Alpha 6, Platform generation is now included.

    At present, no fences are generated, but otherwise any objects generated from […]
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    TrackGen V1.22

    TrackGen v1.22 is now up. Two releases within a day (Sorry!), but I’ve found and fixed several critical bugs with these two releases. Namely-

    1. Curved track & switches are now generated correctly on locales using a comma as a decimal separator.
    2. TrackGen no longer crashes when an invalid path is entered.
    3. Trackgen no longer crashes when write access is not available at the selected path.
    4. Trackgen now remembers your seleced language between runs.

    TrackGen V1.2

    So, I’m very pleased to announce that Nils Busch has kindly given permission for BVE Cornwall to host a version of TrackGen which has been fixed in order to work correctly on Windows 8.

    I’ve additionally made a couple of small improvements, to optionally allow the use of PNG format textures, and to allow for untextured rails for use in highly intensive route situations.